Deformulation, Reverse Engineering of pharmaceutical formulations and Beyond

The knowledge about excipient characteristics and the available analytical methodologies and procedures enable us to identify and quantify individual excipients in a drug product. The process of analytically breaking down a material or product’s formulation into separate components and determine the specific identity and exact quantity of constituent components is called deformulation or chemical reverse engineering.

Our experience in excipient characterization enables us not only to identify and quantify individual excipients in a complex product, but often also confirm the grade, quality and sometimes even the source of the ingredients.

Thanks to the unique combination with a pharmaceutical development and enhanced dissolution testing platform within Avivia, we can offer additional insight into other product characteristics, such as detailed release performance or insight into the applied production techniques or processes. If desired, we can reconstruct a copy of the product.

Excipia, a division of Avivia BV

 Excipia as dedicated excipient knowledge platform is a division of Avivia BV, a Dutch independent specialized pharmaceutical development company that operates a hybrid business model combining CRO service activities with internal product development programs. The other complementary platforms of Avivia are Pharmaceutical R&D, Analytical R&D, and Biorelevant Dissolution Testing. For more information about Avivia and its pharmaceutical development CRO services, please visit the Avivia website.